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Saturday, November 16, 2002
Reminder 2 changes still Raiven is Ventrue Primogen
posted by Spyder at 2:23 PM

Reminder: SanFrans New Prince is Willow Duprae
posted by Spyder at 2:22 PM

Second Meeting October 23. 2002

Link to 2nd Meeting's Notes
posted by Spyder at 2:21 PM

SanFrancisco Camerilla Meeting:

Link To Notes on Meeting, Etc.

((Missy, I edited this post because it was so long and it was literally breaking the page's layout... hehe... from now on, we can do it this way, if you don't mind, or you can post a brief summary, does that work?))
posted by Spyder at 2:20 PM

Thursday, November 14, 2002
SanFrancisco Talisman

Rumours have been spread somehow that the Prince is awol, sabbot has been seen entering the city by the bay, strange weapons. Noone has heard from Willow or anyone to confirm this.

Special Sources say three more garou were found dead, SanFrancisco police are baffled by the bodies, and have asked for special agents.

New Malkies has arrived it is rumourd that she is the Malkie primogens childer an will replace her or him..

Nosferatu have been extremely quiet with the death of there fallen primogen.

A meeting from those Toreadors to be held in Boston, seems the news is spreading that the Nosferatu have taken a special artifact a mirror so will this lead to a Jyhad? If it does I will miss dem roses. Then again they might surprise us.

Stay tuned to the SanFrancisco Diaries of the dark an mysterious...

If the Prince is awol will they vote in his childer, after all who wants that position especially with the things happening of late.

posted by Spyder at 7:31 AM

Sanfrancisco Chronicles:

Link To The Rise & Fall of the Puppet Prince Info.
posted by Spyder at 7:24 AM

Hawthorne Manor: The prince of Boston has fled to San Francisco. The Camarilla of Boston do not know where he is, but suspect foul play. In the meanwhile, the Ventrue Primogen (Francesca) and the Gangrel Primogen (Milla) are seeing to it that the city is run properly, while investigating Prince Donovan's mysterious disappearance.
posted by Robin at 7:10 AM

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