Second Meeting October 23. 2002 Willow: Ventrue primogen I stood at the door when the handle moved a bit jumpy I heard laughter “ Cymoril that’s not nice chica, thanks for helping us in keeping watch here I know you did not have to” I saw the sweet smile an shook my head, she had once been the old Princes advisor so I was sure she was very useful to my Sire, she was good at keeping the peace unless her life was in shambles but her heart we all envied. I opened the door an began to pour the wine into the chalices watching the room, the atmosphere was ominour with Halloween approaching the bodie count. I had been checking into things I will soon be sending someone to Boston to find the Prince he was part of our family so I was worried why a Prince would disappear I had to be sure my Prince, my sire my lover was to be protected. Along with the rest of the clans. Most spent there time plotting I am the glue that holds them together the one that when plots are discovered I will find myself in the middle an shaken and friends angry with each other. Yet I also know I am most protected for I have Janos to protect me if it is ever needed, for I can handle my own but then we tak clan wars I need help then, and I have my friends an I hold them all close an my enemies closer I am sweet but I am noones fool I have a good teacher he always sets me straight when I trust to much. “ Thanks Cymoril I shall take over you be safe or shall you hide” I winked I knew she did not trust the brujah she stayed pretty close since she heard they joined, and why not the old prince was brujah yet it was her own kind that shot her dead. I took my place in my chair and I waited, I heard the storm pick up fall was here winter right on its butt an darkness was again upon us we shold be use to it but now it was so damn eery for we did not know our enemies that waited to kill our kind. No clues yet. The toreader are missing an artifact an Boston there is a meeting being called perhaps I shall send someone with them to search things out, Natas Saphire she is toreador and very good at this stuff an is family to our primogen, I shall put together a team.. Angelique: Toreador: The last meeting had been short and sweet, the Prince’s point had been made and respectfully for now she would comply. Emotion had ruled her last meeting and she was not about to allow them to do so this time. Her clan was in danger, they all were but more then that she was worried about Laren and the family and what of her own childer. It had been years since she had released the young thing to the world, nearly a decade since they had spoken and now more then ever she regretted the empty house, regretted isolating herself from all but her sire. The duties she preformed had done this to her. Moving around the house she picked up the odd artifact sent to her by an old friend and thought about all she had learned. The Gangrel’s and Tremere were working together to discover the truth but what was the truth. Horrid death and dismemberment of all form of supernatural, a strange mark on the head, a calling card of someone but who? “Who would do this to us?” Grumbling she threw another log into the wood burning stove. Closing the dark eyes and rolling her head she sighed as a tear rolled down her cheek. Emotions were a human trait and she had to get past them. Becoming the cold and calculating woman many knew and even more despised, a woman who stopped at nothing to protect her kin. In her eyes it was the only thing she felt she had in common with the Prince. It was time to get answers but from who? Sighing heavily she opened her eyes plotting. Only the Gangrel, Ventrue and Tremere had the answers that she sought so which would she target and how would she do so? And what of Tessa, the way she looked at her and Laren’s mention of the mirror. The most sacred thing they had, their most magical possession. What had happened to it? It was time for the Toreador Primogen to play her part, time to call on a few favors and strengthen old bonds. But that would have to wait for tonight they meet, tonight she would learn more. Pulling her cloak from the hook and wrapping it tight she speed towards the house keeping the hood up against the cold night air. As she pulled up to the house she didn’t know if she should expect her maker tonight or not but not wishing to wait in the cold she entered. Cymoril: Laughing softly as I took the Ventrues hand an helped her inside “ I could of yelled of boo now couldn’t I, it must be my maskie he rubs off on me dear” she winked an opened the door for Willow. She adored these two, her sire loved mortals as did Willow but she did not take to mortals anymore, the only mortals she ever loved were killed in front of her, as a seer I saw this yet never spoke it I understood and it even scarred me her scream and the little girls death so vivid as I shivered she knew Janos knew his childers pain he has fought hard to make her love again an he is most protective of her. “ thanks I shall slip into the shadows and watch over you all” she winked an slid behind where her prince would sit where she could see them all. Tessa: Tremere childer of Elric the Primogen She was not to be late but she was very upset an wanted to kill those responsible for stakeing her sire, he was in tupor he had gotten to the haven in time she could undo him yet he asked her to be here an we needed to show our support ~rolling her eyes back, I was torn I sometimes wondered why should we hide do the mortals hide from there cattle. No they breed them an slaughter them nothing tastier than a screaming happy meal. Words of Nut Meg the malkie who made her even laugh. Rhinnaon: Gangrel She sighs, for effect rather then necessity. Clasping her cloak closed at the throat. The look on her face is dissapointment as he tells her he cannot join her, he does have priorities of his own of course. She had known this but was still hopeful. They will join eachother after both priorities have been fulfilled. She dreads the thought of having to leave his side for something so torturous as a meeting of the cities leaders. She gives him a final kiss and pulls the hood of her cloak up concealing both flaming red hair and her pointed wolven ears. She slides a pair of silver tinted glasses over her eyes to hide them from view, knowing she can see perfectly well with them on. She departs her beloved Bloodmoon's side and moves swiftly towards her destination. It doesnt really seem to matter now that she shows at the meeting, she has not been paying much attention to anything aside from the investigation with Elrick and her time with Bloodmoon. Sometimes she wants to run away from it all, not really one for a crowd, but she knows she is the best for the job she has been given, more friendly and people friendly then most of her clan, especially those in her region, her pack. She is good at what she does and loyal beyond reason. Perhaps overqualified for her duties but that is what makes her so good at them. She has no need for a vehicle, she moves swiftly beside the roads, unseen by mortal eyes. Upon arrival at the meeting place she allows herself to be seen, stepping from the shadows between two trees to seem less conspicuous, but that only takes away from the fun. She pushes the hood back with her slender hands, allowing what light there is to strike the flames of her hair, wild and free as the wind catches it. She spies the Toreador Primogen and gives a slight nod to her as she approaches, smart enough to sense mood based upon body language. Her stride is swift and filled with the grace of the wolf she resembles so closely these days.* Janos: Prince I sat there…in the Great Hall as I awaited the others. Another damned meeting with the other damned Primogens. Good thing my granddaughter was asleep, which she would be…for a great given time. Giving her that Nightshade soothed her worries and she fell fast asleep in my Room. She was so innocent, even though she was such a troublemaker. I only hope that her innocence was never tainted by my world. “I grow tired of this, Willow. I’m too old and I love you and my mortal family too much to go on like this. I need…a vacation. A long one…and I’m not sure I’d want to return…. unless you didn’t come with me….” I looked up to her as she stood at my side. Her eyes were so soothing…I could stare into them for months and never grow tired of her. She was…. my heart. She may not have shown her affection for me as much as she wanted…due to her loyalty to our traditions. But she knew well that around me…. she could act anyway she damned please. After all, she does when we’re…all alone… Willow: She watched as he entered she could tell he was tired and she knew he was older than most would ever realize. Her beautiful jade eyes soft an loving as he spoke she held his gaze she got lost in his eyes, she fought her love for him for so long. She hid behind a husband she loved as a mortal, she never understood how much he desired an needed her there friendship in time became more, he alos felt the pain he had a wife still very much alive he was unfaithful with his sire an she ripped his world apart. They grew to care for each othe after all she loved her sire, and Janos was the one who chased after her and she fell hard an they both paid hard her sire was still a bit rude with Janos it must be a harsh reminder she not only had an affair but also disobeyed him an brought him over. I did not know how ot answer this he so believed in the camarilla he was very respected they all looked to him most Princws were merely pawns not he “ Janos, I understand but you can’t leave them now we need your wisdom my sire, I need you here I can’t leave them all to face this an in the end nor can you” she moved forward to wrap her arms around him, her lips brushed his softly “ I love you, I would go anywhere with you, you know this but lets take that vacation when there safe, the mortals here an the clans there like your children like mine I stood with yo in the beginning and I stand here now I beg you to rest but not leave us I can’t bare to be without you not after such a confession” her eyes met his softly as she realized the words that fell from her lips “ I love you” she closed her eyes “ I am not unfaithful to my husband nor you your wife there dead and we have only each other” Angelique: Toreador Her face emotionless she nodded to the Gangrel not in the mood for idle conversation and certainly not pleasant. She allowed the woman to pass by her as she handed over the heavy cloak and short sword. It was a reluctant gesture for she felt naked without her blade. Clenching her teeth she was directed to the room where they would meet. It wasn’t the usual dark setting and she was not pleased with the change but the rooms were beautifully decorated suggesting her host’s love of the finer things. With practiced grace she bowed as she entered the room. Willow: “ Sire, we need to send Angelique to Boston there is a meeting there a certain artifact was stolen I would like her to take a team, I want the ganrel primogen an Natas to be part of this team, I would like to send Stormy there to find out for you see it is rumoured the prince is missing so we need to find out who is behind this I mean princess do not just disappear, vacation maybe ~she winks playfully~ I want the gangrel an natas to look fo clues see if bodies were discovered I want a tremere an assamite perhaps on this team. Brujah it seems have sent message that they regretfully can’t be present, hey they sent word “ she nodded an she heard the doorbell. Rhiannon: Gangrel *She all but ignores the one who retains the weapons of those who enter. Why? Simply put, she has not brought her weapons here, she can defend herself without them if the need arises and she prefers to wear her cloak at all times. She notes the Toreadors unkind mood and makes a note to not get on her bad side. She sweeps into the room where the meeting will take place, not caring where it happens only that it happens and she must sit through it and endure the presense of so many others so she might gain vital news and give her own input. Tho tonight her mind is not entirely on the news at hand. She is distracted this evening, not something one might normally see from one such as her, usually she is on the ball about everything. Always making note of her surroundings and what goes on. This time tho, she truly does not wish to be here, for she would rather be back in her resting place with more pleasant company, more personal company. A smile curves at her lips, revealing pearlescant fangs, ever in place. She removes her sunglasses as a manner of respect for the Prince as she enters the meeting room, slipping them into a hidden pocket within the folds of her cloak. She takes a seat at the far end of the table, not wishing to be too close to such arrogance as eminates from the Prince. Arrogant as he is, she will never falter in her loyalty, thus is the nature of the Gangrel, a nature she wishes to be passed to all those Gangrel who enter this City. She does something very unlike her indeed, not meaning to be disrespectful, just in an odd mood for her, she leans back in her chair and sets her feet up on the table, leather boots not showing a bit of mud on them as she crosses one boot over the other, hands folded in her lap. Firey hair falling about her face, several strands before her wolves eyes. and she speaks up in a rumbling and yet soft voice* Here Janos: Prince I know you do, my child.” I returned her kiss. As she broke it once more to tell me of her thoughts on the matter ahead…I listened…sort of. I just wanted this meeting to be over with…so I could spend sometime alone with her. When she was done, I smiled. “Well, so much for me being a Prince. Looks like you’ve made all my decisions for me. As soon as they enter…you can tell them. I’m here…. for one purpose…you.” I kissed her again. This was my business…her. She was my main priority. Sensing them as they arrived…I broke the kiss and looked at her. Gesturing that they were pretty much watching…I decided to have a bit more fun. “Yes…Angeliqua, you bow and then take your seat. Perfect. Oh…Rhianon…. your doing wonderfully. This could be the best play yet. Now…on to the next part of the scene…Willow here…will tell you my plans.” I smiled innocently and rested my head against Willows chest as I pulled her onto my lap…cuddling up with her. I yawned…and kept a watchful eye, just to make it look like I was paying…because I wasn’t. The arrogance was all a charade, I just didn’t like outsiders in my House…even when my granddaughter was here… Stormy: She watched as they all piled in she slipped into the shadows most only knows that she addresses Janos as her brother they kid like there brother and sister so it must be just that. A sinister smile as she glances to the toreador Cymoril, she knows the woman well as she winks an Cymoril gazes into her own eyes a game she likes t play within the shadows within her lovers bed. Janos was very much her brother when they were mortal. Sisterly love could be deadly to an enemy an her blood boiled with protection. Willow: venture His kisses were breathtaking she wanted to be alone with him but she knew she needed to keep them focused. “ I am just the primogen, I am taken care of you I am not wanting to be you or Prince, you know this you mock me don’t you. And the rumours that everyone speaks I am just your pawn an you let me do all the work. I think it is a good Prince he uses his childer well and his Primogen . I love my duty to you I do not find it amusing that they say this an you use me to mock them” her jade eyes closed she didn’t mean to speak so harshly but she wanted him to know she loved him he said he knows an then he speaks as if I did all his work why is he there. Yet as I looked into his eyes for I didn’t mean to get us caught in this embrace, a worried expression as she went to slip into her seat a blush fell over her beautiful expression as he pulled me into his lap. “ I do” she whispere, playfully and pushed his head or started to then she knew he was setting a stage an she should play along. She kept a straight face and watched as he addressed them. He was here for her an she is what kept him here, she was glue one wrong move from her they all unraveled no this could not be just me surly they believed, they all were here to keep us all safe an the mortal world. She searched them all she could always tell by faces yet they all seemed to be worried an he and he put me in an awkward position why. Its simple, as of yet no more bodies, no clues to who is behind this so watch thy backs. There is a meeting sometime still pending a time in Boston, seems an artifact of the Toreador families is missing so there to meet there. I want a team from Toreadors, and Gangrels to go together for seems there Prince disappeared I will stay with our Prince he is very safe, his other right hand Stormy will be your shadow an guardian I will let you all know when I am sure our Prince has things to add “ she leaned back in his arms “ You will pay for this later” she smiled sweetly for she knew what he had in mind with just that look, damn she had fallen in love with him she had been denying but when he said he wanted a vacation if seemed to push her closer the fear of losing him though inside she knew he also said he would not leave without her. “Any questions?” Angelique: Hair shielding her face she let out a heavy breath attempting to hide her glare as she took her seat. She didn’t know what it was about him that chewed away on her inside, his disrespect for the clans or their leaders or his total lack of caring for any, for that matter, that weren’t his blood. She showed him the respect due to his station but more then that she would have no part of. Stoic, pushing the dark strands of hair behind her ears she watched the display with masked disgust biting her tongue hard enough to draw blood. What a disgrace to treat poor Willow so, she would have made the prefect rose in her beauty and grace. Resting her pale hands against the black velvet fabric of her dress she kept her eyes fixed on the pair waiting for the news. Her face showed nothing as she listened to the news, or lack there of it wasn’t until the announcement of the missing Prince that there was a flash of life in her eyes. She could forget the display before her for the moment. She was to pair with the gangrels and go to Boston but, she shook her head ever so slightly looking directly at Willow and not at the Prince. “Very well, if that is the desire of the Primogens then I shall oblige but I ask that I be allowed to bring my own personnel.” She held her head high as she waited for a response. Rhiannon: *She gives the Prince a mild nod, a strand of fire red hair falling before her eyes as she notes his behaviours towards Willow and she begins to wonder if he is serious about his job. She is loyal to the position, not the man, and this she will make clear to anyone. She leans her head back, eyes narrow as she watches those others in the room. As uncomfortable with being in anothers home as the Prince is with having them here. She seems to ignore his idle comments regarding their entrances. He is lucky she came in the first place, as she would much rather be elsewhere, something else she is more then willing to make a point of. Her breath comes out with a mild growl to it, in response to what the Prince has said, very likely the most response he will recieve until she decides she has something to say. She listens in silence as they are told what they must do. And slowly she brings her feet from the table and sits up straight, unhindered rage flashing in the wolves eyes set within a beautiful pale face. Of course she is angry, angry at the thought of working with the shallow ones of clan Torreador, and even more angry that she must leave the city and her lover behind. A growl passes, no longer sheltered by subtelty. She is outright enraged at the prospect of going on such a mission without being asked if she wished to. None seem to have considered her business within the city limits or that perhaps she has a personal life. She stands rather suddenly, hands on the edge of the table, pushing hard enough into the wood to leave a dent and a crack beneath each palm. She glares at the Prince with open rage, ignoring Willow, feeling that if she is going to allow herself to be paraded as a plaything for the Prince then that is all she will be in this Gangrels eyes. And so the girl is ignored tho her words ring true as if having come from the Prince himself. She takes a deep breath, to calm herself rather then to breathe of course and then she speaks, a growl beneath her words and yet she does not speak the reason she is angry* Where I go, my Mate goes. None here knows him but I trust him and that should be enough, if any has a problem with his presense then they can do without mine *the growl rises at the end of her words and she pushes her chair back, forcefully.* Send me word when the time comes to leave, until then or the next meeting, leave me at peace lest ye wish to suffer my rage *she turns, pulling her hood up over her firey hair, shielding her eyes in shadow of the hood. The fabric flares out to envelop her form as she moves from the room, swift and silent, too enraged to hear the others permission to take who they desire. She has never liked being ordered into situations that are dangerous and invasive of others territory. A Gangrel at heart, she hates being given orders, but she takes it all in stride as she must to keep her head and her position. They all know she is the most even tempered candidate they had for Primogen of such a volotile clan and thus she is more needed then any might admit.* Janos: Prince “Well…if that’s that. I believe this meeting is done. Cymoril there will show you the way out…though I am perfectly sure you already know where the door is. Until then, Willow and I…” I looked to her…. and winked, “have our own business to attend to. Oh and Angeliqua, try to hide your disgust for me…a bit better.” Smiling, I stood up and wrapped an arm around Willow’s waste as I guided the two of us to the Den. Now our time has arrived and we could spend our alone time. Closing the doors behind us…I walked to the sofa that was in there…and layed back. Willow: Ventrue I was not used to my sire my Prince to be like this perhaps he was tired but he cared or was the beast getting closer to the surface. I caught his wink, chewing on my bottom lips as he addressed the beautiful rose I leaned against him as his arms wrapped around me, a soft giggle “ you are in so much trouble, Angel you an Rhi can take whoever ou want just be safe kiddos “ she let him lead her away from her friends she had felt close to them she could not help it she was always with them an they helped keep this city together and the true glue was the man who held them she was the sticky stuff that binded yet he seemed to not care and I grow confused as he keeps me from addressing them. As he takes his place on the sofa I follow reaching out my hand “ Am I invited to join you?” a grin spead over her pouty lips she did not know she was pouting he knew he knew she worroed for him for them. “ I love you, we love them tand the mortal world do we not you seem to only “ she trailed off realizing it was a very arrogant thing to think she was all he cared for an his granddaughter he was there Prince.
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