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Welcome to the WBS World of Darkness Network. We are a collective of rooms on the WBS roleplay chat that have plots devoted to the World of Darkness. Here you may see what's going on in each room, as well as any pertinent plot/storyline information, and find out just who is who in the various cities represented.

Although each room's setting is within a different city, we promote World of Darkness cross-over roleplay amongst all rooms. This means that roleplayers can travel with their World of Darkness characters from one setting to another and still maintain the consistency of their character's development.

If you would like to be actively involved (i.e., playing a key character) with a particular room, please let its owner know. Room owner information can be found on each room WoD info page. Otherwise, feel free to play your WoD characters in any or all of the rooms.

For the latest in WBS WoD RP-related news, please check out our News/Group Blog page.

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