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Sunday, October 20, 2002
Hawthorne Manor:: The prince of Boston has fled. To where, nobody is sure. Why; nobody knows. But he is gone, and he has told nobody, although rumors persist that he has traversed east, towards the coasts or Oregon or California.

The Toreador clan of Salem has called upon an emergency meeting to all of their brood across the country in preparation of a Jyhad against the Nosferatu. Details are still extremely Sketchy, but rumor abounds that the a precious artifact of the Toreadors has been stolen, though this is yet to be confirmed.

There is an ever-larger growing amount of Ravnos appearing in a vardo just outside of Salem, a strange sight as of late since the awakening of their Antedelluvian and his unquenching thirst of his brood. Yet, unlike the remaining of their tattered clan, this vardo is functioning in peace, without quarrel or bloodshed.

Meanwhile, the Ventrue have reported to the Boston Camarilla (which is ever-so-small) that several packs of Sabbat within the area have aligned themselves, and are spending countless millions of dollars in arms and other "weapons." It seems like the Sabbat of Boston are preparing for something.......... violent.

On another side, mortal police have requested the aid of several outside law enforcement Forensic Pathology departments in hopes of catching a serial killer named, "the angel of death." According to their PR department, this madmen has murdered over 19 people so far, apprently without motive or preference of victim. However, an inside informant has revealed that the casualty count leans towards the 40 or 50 mark, including several catholic priests, with his victims all sharing one similarity; a single gaping hole the size of a half-dollar at the top of the skull.
posted by Robin at 11:25 AM

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