SanFrancisco Camerilla Meeting: The beginning: The night sky was beautiful the winter nights were her favorite, the cool fresh air as it caressed her face, she had loved riding these lands since Janos brought her to her haven. He had saved her at the time she never realized it she only resented that she was alive an never to join her husband an daughter. Shivering he deaths of late brought back the memories of long ago, when she rode like this with her daughter holding on to her an her husband beside her. The strangers on there land from no where took her daughter she flashed back to that night she met Janos. The sound of the rain falling an a tap tap tap on the window. “Emma, Derick” the names fell from her lips as she tossed an turned. Drifting back into the land of dreams she rode alongside her little girl and husband, tiny hands held onto her tight. Shadows up ahead yet they rode on the country side was and has been peaceful. It was there land so no harm. Yet as the men an woman rode closer and stopped the pulled there horses to a stop. From no where she felt someone grab her child an she fell off to run after her. She heard him yell to stop as he got off she heard the sound of an arrow and as she looked back she saw him fall from the horse. A cry fell fron her lips as she felt arms grab an take her down to the ground she watched as they scalped her husband before her, the rope she didn’t even realized they tied her up she was so busy focused on her child an getting to her. The cries of Emma ripped through her soul but as she saw them slice her throat a scream fell from her lips, maddening as she closed her eyes. She sat straight up in her bed, shaking an the reality all set in as she slipped his dagger an crawled through the window, the cemetery for her land was not far an she made her way inside. Tears fell down her cheeks as she kneeled down before there graves “ I am so sorry I couldn’t save you, and I promised you so many times I would never let anything harm you” she didn’t even realize she slit her wrist so easily, death seemed to call to her to be united again with them is her wish. The blood dripped,dripped like the rain outside her tears mingled with the blood on the floor. Pulling back on the reigns a blood tear fell as she shivered an tied the horse an lit the candle s that lead the path for her mentors, for those who shared the same ideas and wanted to keep the legacy of there kind safe. Unlocking the broken door, of the old wine cellar for this was her sires home an hers or the land the cellar was on. There mansion was awesome across from the lake where this place was. It was to look this way on purpose she made her way through the cobwebs an unlocked the door an slipped inside the chamber where they met to discuss the city an there duties and what was happening, changes for with time things change. She slipped a note from a painting for the primogens an there Prince a gife it was a painting of the enquistions in the background an the writing was beautiful as was that Toreador. ~she smiles as she places the new painting on the wall a gift from Cymoril a welcome from there Prince Janos and reminder of the traditions, Welcome to the city by the bay~ So you have chosen to visit our dear sweet city. Please accept my heart filled symapthy for your new outlook on life. Please understand that without your transformation it is not just 'our' world in peril but the mortal world will be as well. Think of yourself as an avenging angel who can now save humanity. You where not chosen by accident... it was and still is your fate. So please accept my hospitality and enjoy your new born existence within my city. . . . . . .But remember you must follow the traditions. IF you break them, the blood hunt will soon follow and you will be the prey! The First Tradition: The Masquerade - Thou shall not reveal thy true nature to those not of the blood. Doing such shall renounce thy claims of blood. The Second Tradition: The Domain - Thy domain is thine own concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge. The Third Tradition: The Progeny - Thou shall only Sire another with the permission of thine elder. If thou createst another without thine Elder's leave, both thou and thy progeny shall be slain. The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting - Those thou create are thine own children. Until thy Progeny shall be released... thou shall command them in all things. They shall owe thee allegiance in all things and their sins are thine to endure. The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality - Honor one another's domain. When thou comest to a foreign city, thou shall present thyself to the one who ruleth therein. Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing and Pariah within that domain. The Sixth Tradition: Destruction - Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind. The right of destruction belongeth only to thine elder. Only the eldest among thee shall call the Blood Hunt. " The Oldest and Strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown." time I waited for word as I picked up the phone pacing the room,tapping my finger on the table. The cel rang and I jumped and laughing I hit send. “Janos, yes it was important I know your sons death took you hard and I am sorry I could not be with you, but we have trouble my love. “ she paused as he spoke and whispered “ I love you, yes I am upset listen and return home please. I did not tell anyone you slipped out cause of these things that have come to be, I appreciate the humane side of you but noone else must see this side but those you hold close” her beautiful jade eyes closed. His words comforted her but she would have to stall and take his place with the happenings an fear that wil run through the city he was needed here now. “ Listen to me for a moment this is the report. Four bodies discovered by a mage an one of the house of Tremere, nevermind that a mage an tremere were together we can worry bout this another time. Two bodies was just reported rescent our Malkie Prince Samuel ~~the words I am sam sam I am sung in her memory as she fought back the tears~~ Our primogen yes for the Malkie shall be so upset when they leanr and worse the Nosferatu Cruella we called her is along side of him the fury of this clan when we find out who is behind this.. Now this is the report its aweful an a garou was found earlier an a Gangrel with him..Here is the gruesome part of this. 1: It seems the ones who discovered them are supernaturals. It seems that the mortal world has no clue about their existence. In fact, you have to have a supernatural essence in order to see them (like a vampire, or werewolf, or mage, or changeling, or mortal with supernatural power, like a psychic or medium or hedge mage)... 2: All the skeletons have been decapitated, their skulls seperated all in uniform from their necks, carefully placed five to ten feet above the body, facing in the same direction as the rest of the body, like they had an invisible extension on their neck, forever locked, though that isn't the case since the skulls can be moved or taken or whatnot..... for instance, if it was a vampire, then the fangs have been filed down with the same smooth accuracy as their neck.. If it was a werewolf, then it's fingernails have been seared off of the fingers, leaving no trace of what they really were. 3: And here's where they stand out. Each skull that's found has one interesting feature. Each one has a gaping hole, the size of a silver dollar pierced in the very tops of their skulls, just above the eye sockets... “please you need to come, the tremere asked the council to meet so I am here waiting, Cymoril left a gift to remind us what wer all fighting for, your needed here the mortal ancestors there to wait, remember your place Janos, its with me an our kind” she spoke harshly cause she knew hs pain she lost her mortal family he saved her but he was there Prince he needed to be home. “ I will take your place as is my right but you best get back here, and give that granddaughter a hug if she would stay out of trouble you would be here” He spoke and she sighed “ Yes I am scared for us all an yes it brought back my past how could it not just come home sire” Angeliqua Blythe – Toreador: Looking over the summons one final time she smiled darkly the deep brown eyes catching the soft light of the fire blazing in the stone hearth. To expect the unexpected was all part of the game and a change in schedule was most unexpected. Yet nothing ever remained the same and yet it did. The laws were just that, the laws that had been created since the beginning of time and she had promised herself so long ago that she would uphold them to the very end. Chewing on her lip she tossed the letter into the fireplace destroying the communiqué before looking about the spotless room as she ran her fingers through her dark locks. So tonight they would meet, she wonder if all would be there, what was actually happening? What dark secret was about to be revealed? It made her nerves jump with delight, she enjoyed the suspense and the intrigue. Rumors circulated, but then always had. One could never escape the dark little secrets that haunted every clan. Heading into the bedroom she shrugged out of the pale blue dressing gown letting it slip to the ground as she stepped into the massive closet. With careful consideration she went about the task of choosing her clothing for the evening. It was not a gather for pleasure but for business and her attire should reflect that. Donning a long black skirt and low cut emerald green silk blouse she sat at the vanity pulling her hair into a loose ponytail and running the dark crimson coloring across her lips. Satisfied with her appearance she rose gracefully. The house was empty as it had been for some time which suited her just fine for none would question where she was going or what she was doing. Lifting the black velvet cloak from its hook she closed and locked the door behind her. Hitting the lights she looked around the garage, the new Miata rested like a silver bullet in the cavernous room, her pride and joy, giving her a freedom of the road that her position did not really allow. Behind the wheel she could do as she pleased, even for the moment, but there was no time for such follies tonight she had a place to be, a meeting to make and she was not going to be late. The engine hummed as the automatic door rumbled and the canopy was lowered. In an almost human gesture she patted the dashboard. “Shall we my dear?” With those gentle words she pulled away from the driveway and sped down the road. Lowering the top the wind wiped through her hair pulling it for its bonds as she chuckled her temperament light believing that nothing could alter her mood. The tires ate up the pavement as she traveled towards the house. As always the sight made her heart skip a beat, that was if her heart beat. Pulling onto the ground she stopped the car just out of sight. It was habit, she didn’t know why but she preferred to keep things this way, out of sight was close to out of mind. Swinging open the door and leaving the keys in the ignition she pulled on the edges of the cloak and drew the deep cowl before looking around. The meeting would happen in the cellar, a fitting place for such a gathering. Sighing she made her way towards fate praying silently for the news to be good. Pushing the hair behind her ears she approached the door hesitating as if waiting for someone else Amir: Brujah The cold evening air whipped around both him and Angelet as they rode towards the ritzier section of the city by the bay on a black Ducati, leaving the urban sprawl of the downtown area behind. Club Damnation could do without his presence for a night, it wasn't very often that a meeting like this happened since the death of the old Prince. Reaching a hand back to squeeze her thigh, reassuring himself that he wasn't walking into this summons alone. She had already proven useful to him within the clan, having found out several plots against him by those who thought that he had served his purpose and was dead flesh to be trimmed. In time they were pulling up to the run-down old mansion that they met in the cellar of, riding the motorcycle right up onto the lawn and parking it in what had once been a flower bed in front of one of the main windows. Never knew when a window would make a good exit. Slipping from the bike he turned to Angelet, holding his hand out to her, waiting for her to remove herself from the motorcycle. Anglet: Brujah childer of Amir: her leg swings over and she drops to the ground, her delicate pale hand reaches out for his clasping it. She was indeed a creature of beauty and pure deception. She was loved by some for her ideals and hated by many for her disregaurd for the masquerade; though it seemed as if Amir had cured her of these discrepencies. Her skin was pale, the painted red lips contrast the skin as such that resmebled something out a fairtail. Her dark black ahir hangs at her shoulders, bangs cut short. Around her neck hangs a cross in mock of the force which denies their existance. The sort of twisted irony that only one as dark and abrasive as Angelet would enjoy. "You seem tense Armir" her voice was soft, sweet as honey. But much venom can also pour from a voice so gentle. Armir knew he would have nothing to fear; it was his enemies that did. Janos: Prince ( the long awaited entrance lmao) “Yes, I know. But the bloody Clans can wait. My Family comes first.” Pacing the front office of the police station, I noticed that puzzled eyes were watching me, as I never chose my word carefully. “Look, don’t worry, I’ll be there…. but she’ll have to come along. There’s no time to drop her off at her home, besides…. I’m not exactly welcomed there anyhow. “ I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw one Cop bring her out handcuffed. As he was working with the cuffs, taking them off…a half-smiled as I saw her eyes light up with joy and relief. “I have to go, she’s here.” As I hit cancel on the cell phone, my granddaughter ran to me…yelling “Granddaddy!” Picking her up in my arms and setting her back down I glared at the Cop as we left the station and hopped into the car. I explained to her how I couldn’t take her home right away because I had a meeting to go to. Of course, being she, she asked too many questions and I had to keep my secrets. I didn’t want my mortal family involved with us. After telling her she would have to wait for me in the mansion, she pouted and cried. She claimed that every time I left her alone in there, she could always hear someone crying for help, screaming…. that there was the faint stale smell of blood in the air. She said she could always feel someone watching her…. all around her. She had every right to feel that way. If she has access to all the rooms, she would see things she only saw in movies…. only read in books and dreamt in her nightmares. I listened to her pleas the entire way to the mansion and inside the Den. As she sat down, tears in her eyes, I kissed her forehead and went out back to the stables. The horses always jittery around me…yet they knew their master, as did all my primogens and Family. I kept the horse at a trotting pace. I loved making them wait. My arrogance was somewhat true, but only when I wanted to break their patience. The cellar was close….I could see the torch lights that lit the path to it…to its old and rusty doors….on the interior, mind you. Juliet: Princes mortal grandchild- I didn’t know what else to do so I called him. My guardians were cruel already even at my father funeral speaking of how I shall act and a curfew. As if I was such a bad kiddo then again I am in jail for refusing to sign a ticket, I loved my bike I thought the speed limit was not appropriate, after all I as my bike loved to take those corners fast. “ Granddaddy” I cried an went running to him a sweet innocent smile as I glared at the cop I had been harassing then as I met his eyes I wore the angelic face he loved “ thank you, I am so sorry just I didn’t know where else to turn. I had seen you several times is why I made it an appoint to meet you at daddies funeral, did you love my grandmother, she never remarried yet you never were around?” this was my chance to get to know this mysterious man an now for the icing “ Please send my guardians away they hink I am some trouble maker they barely know me my father trusted the wrong people there using me for my money I have a way with knowing people plus you’re my grandfather you could be my guardian Oh please” I pouted an tears fell as we entered the mansion something sent fear around me an I felt eyes always watching “ Let me go please its scary without you or Willow” she wrapped her arms around herself an leaned back in a chair “ I will stay ight here” Larsen: Angeliques Sire: I waited at the entrance to the path and watched as my childer approached “ Angel hon, there are things unsettling so I did not want you to be alone this night” she smiled a soft smile for her eyes an hugged her tight. She had many children but this was her second next to L’Andra this childer had been dear an we stood together during he inquisition against the hunt for her older sister, so many secrets were ours, she knew Annette to be my real daughter that L ‘Andra took an embraced her and so much more yet her an I we stood side by side “ I want you to listen to Janos an what will be spoken of you must now guard yourself an our clan from the monsters that lurk “ I shall come inside with you but remain in the shadows everyone is gonna be on nerves” Willow: Ventrue Primogen She paced the room as he hung up,placing the cel on the table she poured some wine that Cymoril set out to calm herself, there kind it seemed were being hunted an so savagely. There was news that someone stole an artifact that belonged to the Toreadors, rumours pointed at the Nosferatu but why was her question. The minute she thought of this the cel went off “ Yes” pausd as she listened “ Fine, thank you you two keep in touch” she clicked the buttong she knew they would be here soon so she took a seat an waited. Angeliqua: Toreador “It is good to see you again sire.” A gentle smile graced her lips as she saw her sire, it was both a comforting and disturbing sight for Larsen to be here meant her prayers had not been answered and that something dark was afoot. Folding herself in the arms of the woman she let her breath out slowly listening to what she said her pleasant mood faltering. “What is it we have been called here for? Can you not tell me now?” She was growing anxious and disturbed as her mind ran wild. Opening the door to the cellar she allowed her maker to pass first. They had been through much together, they would get through whatever this was and she knew in her heart she would protect clan and kin with her own life if that was the cost. Amir: Brujah Leading Angelet at his side into the mansion through a pair of french doors that overlooked a once beautiful garden, he made his way towards the cellar and to the back into the room that served as their meeting place. He nodded slightly to those gathered, taking a seat onto a black leather couch pulling Angelet with him, his hands roaming her body freely as he waited for this meeting to begin. He seemed perfectly content to fondle her right there in front of everyone else, but then again he'd always done what he wished. It also showed to those gathered that he had indeed caught and tamed the rebellious Angelet, she had been a thorn in the Camarilla's side for some time, openly defying the Masquerade until she had run afoul of him. Now to all who saw them together, she had something else to occupy her time with. Anglet: She didn'tseem to take notice of the roaming hands, her eyes were busy scanning the room like two nervous green blips on a radar, her dislike for those not of her clan and displeasure for being brought here was quite apparent. Both arms were folded inside the jacket which covered her bare shoudlers; she wore a simple black dress that hugged her form. She was obviously concealing weapons within the jacket. her features were stoic and calm, save the eyes. But she too managed a nod of greeting, though it was stiff and a ltitle curt. She obviously cared little if she offended anyone, but such was expected from an anarchist. Janos: Prince “Look, they’re all there…I can smell them. Ugh, this is going to be a long night.” I approached the cellar’s old doors as I jumped off of the 8ft feather hoofed horse. As I pushed my way through…the old exterior soon became an extravagant and elegantly designed room. Bloodwyne bottles lining one side of the walls, the other, pieces of art and rare artifacts of our past and Elders. One could hardly believe that creature such as we were capable of this. Many thanks to Willow of course…who else could have thought of such a masterpiece. I stood before the large rectangular table…and eyes all of them…smiling as I left my eyes locked on Willow. I spoke…. to everyone, though I still gazed towards Willow and removed my leather trench coat which held two short swords…given to me by my Maker and Father. “What, no welcome for your Prince…I’m shocked, I truly am…” I covered my fang showing gasping mouth as I sarcastically seemed to give a peasants ass for their greetings. Willow: Her beautiful jade eyes watched as he slipped inside a soft expression her eyes never left his as he took his place at the table, as he finally spoke she wore a delicate smile as she moved to take hs jacket the swords at both there reach, kissing his hand her eyes meeting his, a smirk played over her lips “ Depends did you bring me flowers, or write me a poem “ a soft laugh as she took her seat, as she lightened up the mood she knew some were upset that he arrived late but noone would say anything he was respected an was sure to be taken care of things, she could smell Juliet on him and she glanced downward with a smile. Innocent act she was a great manipulator would be a great Ventrue like hergrandfather pity she is mortal. “ everyone is here but those who could not make it “ she acknowledged the others and took her place. There is beauty in the weakest flame Shelter in the darkest night. My name is Angeliqua Blythe child shunned by the light, The clan I lead, my kind protect, So speak thy name, Follow the laws, Or feel the wraith of centuries gone. ( Toreador Primogen. Sired by Laren. Camarilla rp ) (2002/10/19 04:47:40) Sliding into a tall backed and hard chair she nodded to the Brujah wishing they would behave for once but knowing that would never be the case. With a heavy sigh she turned her attention to the Prince noticing his distain for either this meeting or the clans or both. It was obvious he cared little about them which made being here all the more difficult. The matters that Laren had eluded to plagued her mind as she rested her hands in her lap and bowed her head to their leader flashing a brief smile at Willow. Patiently she waited for the true meaning of the gathering to be spoken steeling herself as she noticed the empty chairs. It was comforting to know that her sire(assuming she's NPC at the moment) was in attendance but still she was growing more anxious by the moment. Her mind running wild she waited for the impending doom. Answers to ease her mind and give her some sort of direction for, at the moment, she didn’t know what actions would be necessary to take. Rhiannaon: Gangrel The cellar door slams open with a loud crash caused by a shove that was a bit harder then intended. And in the doorway there stands a woman with wild fire read hair that frizzes and curls about her head, falling down to the middle of her back and forward over the green of her forest cloak, the bottom of her hair is bunched into the hood that rests against her back. The large forest green cloak obscures her form. Her arms have dissapeared back into the fabric of it. Golden wolves eyes stare from her pale face, searching the faces of those before her before they fall upon the eyes of the Prince and she bows her head in respect. The Gangrel Primogen may be a wild creature but she still knows respect when it is due. Wolven ears peak out from the wild hair atop her head and when she lifts her head again and her mouth opens to speak her fangs are quite visible, gleaming white. But all present should know these all to be permanent traits on the woman who has frenzied a few too many times despite most not understanding why. And it is her business of course, they all keep their own personal business to themselves and she is by far no exception. A loner at heart, she does not wish to be here and yet it must be done. She was invited of course, as a Primogen it is always necessary, and normally she is dutiful in joining such meetings but tonight was differant. She was sent on a mission. After all, who better to investigate a slaughter then the wolves. The Prince can trust in her loyalty despite her rogueish habits. And now she can only hope the meeting is still in session, of course she doesn't know how recently it had started, she only just arrived. She steps into the cellar silently, her brown leather boots never making a sound. She removes her cloak slowly, allowing it to fall from her shoulders before she catches it. Her handmade suade pants fit tight to her slender, well muscled legs and her white, olde world style blouse with laces instead of buttons, hangs loose and billows about her torso. She wears brown leather gloves to conceal her hands. She has conducted an investigation along side the Tremere Primogen and is not happy with what she has found, for she knows the Prince will not be pleased with her findings. She lowers her eyes once more before she speaks, her voice low, animalistic and yet it carries a feminine touch to it that makes it quite appealing to the ears* Forgive my interruption My Lord. I have... news Staveros Ghardet ...Red Listed 6th gen clan Assamite methuselah... ...Feared and respected as an Assassin... ...feeds on the vitae of other Kindred... (2002/10/19 05:12:47) *he walked in without a sound behind Rhianon as she entered and made her announcement. His entrance brought on all sorts of murmurs and shocked stares, as the other kindred at the meeting began gawking and pointing. They knew well who he was, he could sense the unease in the room, and looked, seeing some reaching for weapons as well. His presence had quite a hold on everyone indeed. It was rather creepy as he walked, his footsteps making not a sound at all. He waited, listening to Rhianon, and brushed past her without even a second glance as he walked into the room, his cold piercing blue eyes staring about the room, then going to rest on the Prince...He knew he wouldn't be welcome here, but he thought perhaps an exception would be made, and his skills might come in handy. he looked as if he was truely alive, but yet as he smiled, his pearly white fangs were clearly visible* *he walked through the crowd without a tinge of fear, and those he walked past gave him wide berth. Though there was a room full of them, they could well overpower them, but none wanted to be in the forefront of that group if a fight was to break out. For they knew his prowess in battle.and Surely many would fall before they would be able to take the Assamite down...He bowed deeply then to the Prince and spoke in a quiet yet melodic almost hypnotic voice.* "Good evening m'lord. I know my presence here may be unwelcome. But I've heard quite a bit of rumors of this slaughter*he sneered slightly*I thought that perhaps you might could put use to my talents no?" *he was the one that had broken the masquerade so many hundreds of years ago. He had slaughtered and fed off of his sire, in front of a massive group of mortals, not bothering to hide the fact that he was a Kindred. He had caused quite an uproar indeed, and sent fear into the hearts of the populace of the city of Athens, during the time of greatness that was the Roman Empire. And since that time, he had given up feeding from mere mortals, and began feeding on the citae of other kindred, very powerful and well known kindred at that...It was also well known that he had managed to take on a kindred blood doll as well. Which was just after he had been first red listed. Every Clan had a blood hunt out for him in every city, except for a few Sabbat controlled cities. Those were his only true safe havens.* *he crossed his arms over hs chest as he awaited the Prince's reply, the two wicked looking curved swords that were of middle eastern style were crossed over his back in an X shape..those were the blades Drenshinon and Shorlock as he called them that had brought about the deaths of many a Kindred looking to make a name for theirself and take up the blood hunt that had been put out for him* "What say you m'lord?" *he asked, his eyes boring into those of the prince, never once flinching, his fingertips idly drumming on his upper arm as he waited, and he looked rather impatient as that, and looked rather disamused indeed. This as well drew quite a few gasps. No one spoke to a Prince as such, but Staveros seemed to care less* Tessa: Her dark eyes watched the happenings as the assamite made his plea, and the gangrel spoke of news. I would wonder why a Prince in Boston is missing, sabot are packing such a city. Willow forgot to report somethings the Prince was so quick to dismiss them all an leave her to fall victim to the anger if any. My clans been told of an artifact we guarded for the toreadors is missing, the toreador said nothing of this. Secrets an forgetfulness, the body count has em all on edge. Her expression showed none as she took her seat, glanced at a nail “ Tremere family accounted for” yawns and sits back. I could nap but my sire would kick my ass.. Rhiannon: Gangrel: *she seems to ignore the Assamite and tremere who have entered. Now her attention is on Willow who has taken over for the Prince. She bows her head, ignoring the princes last words to her about her attire. She may live in a modern world but she is not a modern woman, she remembers the world she grew up in and prefers that attire, it seems to her that it was enough that she wore pants. She nods to Willow and prepares to give her report.* We have discovered evidence, Elrick and I, to prove the rumors and theory. Several bodies, all with their heads heads removed and placed as if their necks were extremely long, each one with a hole in the top of the head. Bloodbaths, each scene. Far more gruesome then even an assamite would have left it. It was not assamites. There were kine and kindred, garou and mage, all fell victim to these attacks. Whatever it is, Elrick and I will get to the bottom of it. I give you my solemn vow as Head of the Gangrel Pack that we shall not fail. *she bows her head again, pulling her cloak about her form, obscuring her features and pulling the hood of her cloak up over her flame red wild mass of hair, wolves eyes stare from the darkness as she backs up slowly towards the cellar door again* Now I take my leave to continue with my investigation *she turns, the cloak flaring out with the movement and walks out the door silently* Angelique: She jumped as the Gangrel entered her eyes growing wide at her outburst. What news did she have? Her nerves were beginning to fray as she looked from one face to another. All seemed as lost as she but her confusion was short lived at the infamous Stavenos entered the room. Eyes narrowed in a threatening manner as she looked to the Brujah expecting one of them to take great offense to the intrusion and praying there would be no bloodshed this eve. Not with this mysterious information about to be told. The word massacre made her skin crawl as her mind quickly regressed to the time of the inquisition and all the death and lost they had endured pulling herself together, hands balled into fits she remained rigid in her seat as the Prince spoke. His words did nothing to ease her tension and his warning were far from idle. Closing her eyes and swallowing hard at the mention of a blood hunt she waited for the information to digest. Someone or something was killing them off and no one seemed to know exactly who. Holding her head steady she fingered the large red ring on her hand, a nervous habit but a familiar one. How many of her own lay dead, she had to find out, she had to protect them. But alas, he was not going to allow them to run wild on some witch hunt. She would have to wait, bide her time and seek out all she could find. If nothing else she had to find a way to warn her kin. Secretly she wished she was in Laren’s arms, protected and secure without a single care, before all this, before she had taken the title oh so long ago. Glancing at Tessa she chewed on her lip, the sight of the Tremere reminding her once more of the more pressing matters and the news her sire wished to share. The mirror, her lips narrowed, what could the Tremere have possibly done with it. Shaking her head and deciding to deal with it later she listened as the Gangrel spoke her face fell the news was worst then she was prepared for. Fighting back tears of anger and distress she urged herself to maintain control while she waited for Willow to piece this all together. Willow: Her soft jade eyes hold a love for the Prince as he speaks within her mind and leaves her to attend his mortal granddaughter, she understands and though she knows the rule as Tremee will teach it over an over as she glances at Tessa entering her actions noted. Keep your friends close an enemies closer. Her eyes met that of the assamite it had been awhile since she saw one. Unnerving it could be but somehow most adored her and she was watched over by one, who watched over her sire her lover. She watched the Gangrel she adored this one true to her nature an trustworthy. “ I thank you as does Janos were honored that you care for all clans as he and I do we must protect the mortals and our families” she bowed to her “ Tell elrick hi ~she smiled softly and turned to the Toreador, beautiful, deadly they can be, never turn your back on one,bed them keep them close, they are useful tools but there moods change like the blooming f the flowers, the changing of the seasons yet she adored Angelique she kept if she could her manipulations from the Prince many Princes met there doom in the name of the Rose. Yet she looked torn up as the rest and maybe she could be as caring as she seems, but always be on guard. “ Angel, there is a bodie count it just means becareful, don’t get into a situation you cant get out of, be in numbers don’t go about where noones around, keep thy families safe an we shall investigate an put watchers on the look, for now lets go home shall we” she smiled softl and watched as they all had left alone, but for one her eyes seatch the shadows “ You can come out now” Starvos: Assamite: *he wondered who Willow spoke to*I do not hide m'lady, for I stand right here.*he indeed was standing near to where the Prince had once sat.*but if you will excuse me m'lady*he bowed deeply to Willow*I am not exactly the most wanted person here..I just came ot offer my services for your sake, and I will begin my own investigation. Do not try and send any to help me, for I work better on my own, and quite capable of handling myself*he smiled at her...he held Willow in high regard even though the camarilla had called the clan wide blood hunt on him so many years ago..if he remembered correctly, Willow was one of the ones who spoke out agaist the blood hunt in his favor.* *he turned on his heel then, and began heading for the door, as he passed the Tremere, he flashed her an absolutely sinful smile and winked at her, as if in invitation for her to join him...he opened the door and stepped outside, looking up into the was starting to grow light..sunrise would be approaching soon* Willow: Her eyes met his with a softnsss those jade eyes held a mystery all there own as she bows to him, for she had always loved the assamite one had saved her and one had saved her friend , so sure they want something but she did not agree with the bkoodhunt, we al do things an its dismissed at times so why not dismiss this we needed t be united not broken apart. “ I thank you very much “ she watched as he walked past the tremere who seem to follow behind. She tthen blew out the candles and winked as Cymoril slipped from the shadows, most held her in high regard as well “ I shall see you soon. Make sure for now to stay close to the malkie, Wednesday will have a car sent for you for you were once Tremere in the beginning, then assamite then clan toreador a rare thing but you are a good ally.” she then left to head to her horse, she did not pay attention to the tremere or the assamite. The tremere childer and assamite: Tessa: Tremere childer of the primogens: The moons glow softened her hair but her expression was masked well he had intrigued her an curiousity got the best of her ass he stepped furher into the night an slipped off the path, she took the side of the assamite “ You summoned” she spoke with sarcasm and brought a cigarette t her lips. Lighting it with her finger she winked. Stavros: *he stopped suddenly, then turned to face her, a hand coming up, he caressed a fingertip slowly and softly over her cheek*yes of course I did Tessa, I couldn't help myself, but you caught my eye*he grinned at her, watching her full luscious lips as she broght that cigarette up to them* Tessa: She froze as she gazed at him s she felt his fingertip over her cheek,she shivered his touch was so gentle and inviting, yet she was a bit wary he was assamite “ Just what part of me caught your eye my assamite” she winked playfully at him somehow she didn’t want to be lead somewhere that could get her killed. Stavors: he looked at her for a long moment*well where should I start? your personality, your absolutely wonderful body or your eyes?*his own steel grey eyes bore into her own*and don't worry, I don't mess around when it comes to my duties, if I wanted to kill you or were ordered to kill you I would have done so long ago*he grinned at her and leaned forward whispering to her, his lips brushing ever so slightly against hers*I merely liked what I saw when you came into the meeting*
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