Sanfrancisco Chronicles: The Rise of the new Puppet I mean Prince: Willow: Past: The sound of the rain falling an a tap tap tap on the window. “Emma, Derick” the names fell from her lips as she tossed an turned. Drifting back into the land of dreams she rode alongside her little girl and husband, tiny hands held onto her tight. Shadows up ahead yet they rode on the country side was and has been peaceful. It was there land so no harm. Yet as the men an woman rode closer and stopped the pulled there horses to a stop. From no where she felt someone grab her child an she fell off to run after her. She heard him yell to stop as he got off she heard the sound of an arrow and as she looked back she saw him fall from the horse. A cry fell fron her lips as she felt arms grab an take her down to the ground she watched as they scalped her husband before her, the rope she didn’t even realized they tied her up she was so busy focused on her child an getting to her. The cries of Emma ripped through her soul but as she saw them slice her throat a scream fell from her lips, maddening as she closed her eyes. Present: She sat straight up in her bed, shaking an the reality all set in as she slipped his dagger an crawled through the window, the cemetery for her land was not far an she made her way inside. Tears fell down her cheeks as she kneeled down before there graves “ I am so sorry I couldn’t save you, and I promised you so many times I would never let anything harm you” she didn’t even realize she slit her wrist so easily, death seemed to call to her to be united again with them is her wish. The blood dripped,dripped like the rain outside her tears mingled with the blood on the floor. They were tears of the past and now the present, she had waited up for days no Jano’s. He had to deal with his granddaughter which now she woud have to keep her safe an deal with all the darkness of her life as Ventrue. She saw something move so she thought and then she saw the body, a soft cry fell from her lips as she kneeled she realized the head was not attached but it was his jacket his ring and a tear fell as she saw the head an his teeth had been sawed just like Rhianon and Elrich reported. They knew whoever they were her routine she always left her mortal family a rose she glanced around a bit shaken, her hair on the back of her neck. It was such a eery feeling, and she was alone Holding his hand as she felt the anger within, the anger of the humane woman who loved her sire for he saved her when she almost took her own life. True she hated him in the beginning but she loved him he was her mentor and friend he must have been waiting for her as he usually did when she seem to over sleep so close to the anniversary of her mortal husband an daughter. “ I am sorry, I will avenge you, but what do I do now, this is no time o be without a Prince, I could say your missing some hope I mean the truth I suppose maybe they will see how important it is we ban now, I hate the way everyone plots behimd each other I have always said I will offer myself in your place I was taught by you most respected and I know I in the end will be thought of as a puppet yet its worthy an honorable it saves the mortals and it saves our kind my sire and I would want you to be proud of me” she wept silently and buried her head into his shoulder as it all hit her he was dead. Standing slowly as she thought she heard a noise, a bit of fear for old true and she did not know what her enemy was but it hunted all things that went bump in the night it was a personal message and she would have them caught an killed for the crimes against her kind. She saw the light on in there mansion so far away from the door so vulnerable but she was so used to comeing alone and she could hold her own against most if she knew what was coming. Silently she stood there watching, getting ready to change into a wolf and slip away a discipline she loved. Staveros Ghardet *he stood watching Willow for a long moment, the shadows draped around him like a cloak, hiding him perfectly, even from the keen night eyes of another kindred. Even kindred could not spot him in his own field of play which was the shadows, then his voice slipped out like the soft caress of silk into her ear, as he stood directly behind her, the cool night air blowing through at the same moment he began to speak, almost like a haunting concert*I saw the end of it Willow, but I was too late to do anything about it. Though I did not get a good look at the culprit. I would have done something, but I don't like going in blindly. Going in blindly has caused the deaths of so many of my kind indeed. *he let that cloak of shadows fall away then, revealing himself, he was right behind her, his body ever so gently brushing against hers, he let a hand reach out and take hers into his own.*I apologize for your loss, though I cannot say that I sympathize. For I am not capable of such a feat. Perhaps now it is time for you to think on and maybe even except the offer I once made to your sire Willow. Willow: She felt the cool air caress her face, the wind teased her beautiful hair,rarely worn down it was in soft ringlets framing her face, the blood tears falling to mingle with the rain that now was a drizzle, his words made her wince, her eyes closed. The voice familiar “ I see, was it honorable he didn’t even call me to aid him. I was hoping you would of at least seen the culprit. I know he would not of wanted it and true does us know good if our assassins are slain” she had once sat with the elders and protected him a hunt she thought unjust, after all we all have our reasons and she didn’t know anyone of them who didn’t break at least all those rules at one time. Something bout him when they met, just like at the meeting those eyes and that dark mysterious face he wore. Her sire always teased if she would ever unbury her heart from that dead mortal she might like someone though when he saw the way she watchd the assamite he warned she could at least start on a smaller project would hate to see you ripped apart I am not sure they can feel like you can, most of us got rid of those humane holdups but you and I didn’t I protect my mortal family you protect me as I protect you. I never wondered who wuod protect me when he was gone why should I but I know his sire was a bit jeolous and her sire hated hers for it was a reminder of her affair. She felt his body brush hers and her hands entertwined with his as he took hers into his own, she breathed in his scent as she leaned back into his arms a strange feeling in the back of her mind she kept hearing assamite, knowing the danger yet she felt safe and she needed comfort and true it came from someone she would of more likely kept from and feared “ I thank you for your honestly, I I” she slowly turned into his arms she needed to see him know who she was making a pact with was she over her head, Janos wasn’t in his right mind the last few meeting he had been wrestling with the beast normally wouldn’t he have sought the aid of an assamite who better to have at your side. Have I lost my mind “ I would gladly accept that offer” her voice soft he could feel the coolness of breath against his lips as her eyes met his the most beautiful soulful jade eyes just gazing back “ What is the price for such a gift from you, and I am not even sure they will vote me in as Prince, though I am not sure in this time who would want such a task an blame for all that is happening, I would protect them all they all know even those who hate me know I would defend them to my death” she laughed some as she let her hand squeeze his her other arm slipped around his neck loosely, letting her forehead rest against his somehow she allowed herself to relax and she didn’t hide from him she had nothing to hide yet there was a fear within as she didn’t know what she was feeling, what was happening as she let her lips brush his softly “ I know about the hunt but I voted to save you, and I know the risks and I will protect you as well” Stavros: *his dark eyes bore into hers, as if staring into her very being, his eyes closing then as he felt her breath, then her lips brush over his, he took a small breath and allowed himself to actually kiss her, it was a short soft kiss, and he hoped that she did not take offence by it. and then he spoke in that soft haunting whisper, yet at the same time, it was almost hypnotic and seemed to perhaps draw her more to him, as his other arm went about her waist, as hers went about his neck* I could not say that it was honourable, and I couldn't say that it was dishounourable either Willow, for he was unaware, and it happened so quickly, he had no time to react.But I have a feeling, I could track this beast whatever it is. for it was not at all too worried about hiding its tracks. *he watched her for a long moment then as she spoke of price and he smiled softly. An actual smile, one that might be found upon a mortal's face..perhaps he hadn't completely given up his mortal feelings and actions. He wasn't a purely cold monster as most assamite seemed to be.*And I thank you for voting against the hunt..not many would...and as for my price.....*his voice trailed off for a long moment*perhaps though I am not sure if you would be willing, but help to release me from this lonely shell I currently live in. Willow: Did he just breathe a soft smile crept over her more a surprised smile, her lips parted to the kiss, so soft and short for both so unsure of what to do about the feelings inside. Yet the taste and the softness pulled at her and she got lost in his eyes and as he spoke she felt it happen again as his arm went around her waist,drawing closer his honestly and there was a hauntingly familiarness to him, he seemed the thought trailed as he spoke on “ I would like it tracked and hunted, and I thank you I respect your honestly and how gracious for I can sense you want t sugar coat it but if I am to watch over the clans I need to be the strong Willow, not the one in your arms. His smile was alarming he seemed human so different from the stories and the rare assamites she had met in dealing with her sire. Yet that smile tugged at her every mortal emotions she clung to was falling she watched an hung on his every action his ever word the last time she ever did this + no, its not possible+ she took in a deep breath and as he spoke a crimson tear fell down her cheek his words took her by surprise he wasn’t cold as her lips met his softly, slowly into a kiss,pulling back a bit sh whispered against his lips “ I would be willing perhaps together we can release each other for the masks have got to fall and with you mine fell so helplessly, your unique and you are invited into my home into my life if you so wish” Stavros: *he watched her a long moment, lifting a hand to caress her cheek gently, the tip of his thumb wiping away that blood streaked tear, he kissed her again*If you are willing to offer such a gift, then I shall accept Willow, I would like that very much. It may take some getting used to just to warn you, because I am not accustomed to such conditions. As for the beast, yes, I will hunt it. I will hunt it to my death or its death, whichever comes first. *his eyes never once left hers, as he breathed once again. He didn't know if it was real or not. He doubted it was, it was just an old mortal habit, the having to breathe thing. Perhaps one of those things he missed, drawing air into his lungs. He kissed her yet again, a bit deeper more sensual kiss this time, his eyes closing now and his hand continuing to caress her cheek ever so gently, not a short kiss this time, it was more drawn out* Willow: Breathing she learned long ago it was just a habit the mortal side clung to. It burned but it made you feel alive n its own way I suppose. So much was happening around her, clans were being killed, now her sire was dead, and she held onto a man that had seem to always have an effect on her whenever they did meet yet nothing prepared her for this. As he caressed her cheek, the tip of his thumb wiped the blood streaked tears her eyes closed and he saw a softness wash over her, the pain was there even as she opened her eyes, and as he kissed her again he could feel she was accepting and willing to offer him such a gift. Her eyes opened as she caressed the back of his neck bringing her hand to caress his face so softly “ I am willing to give you such a gift, as I am willing to accept all you offer, I am glad I judged you in my own way not custom to the masquerade.” She laughes softly as she kissed him softly,letting her thumb trace over his jawline so ghost like as she let her thump caress and trace his lips,then as she brought her arm to fall over his neck again so loosly she let her lips replace her thumb “Thank you, I don’t want anymore deaths Satavros, I understand this is new for me as well the only one I ever showed affection for was Janos my sire, now you seem to unlock my heart ” Her eyes gazed into his even when closed they opened to meet his there was something different in them as she opened them a more loving expression,fear and confusion yet she was driven by love, and with it as she let go an unburied the heart came guilt yet as he kissed her it bit deep into her soul, her lips parted her eyes closed and her body pressed against his closing any gaps, he felt her body becoming relaxed submissive as he felt the warmth of breath another gift for him, she used her disciplines to become warm against him. Stavros: *he let that kiss linger on a bit longer, and then he looked at her as she spoke, he didn't let her go as she pressed against him closing all of those gaps, his eyes studied hers...HIs eyes it was impossible to tell what he was thinking or feeling, but that wasn't his choice, that was just the way he always was, it kept everyone on their toes*Then shall we go to your home then WIllow?*he watched her, then looked to the mansion in which she resided, smiling yet again*I've no business I can think of to conduct this night. Perhaps we could spend the remainder of the night talking or something. *he watched her awaiting her reply, his face actually held a bit of color to it, unlike a lot of other kindred.(baby-face don't remember if its a merit or flaw, its been so long since I've played lol).His fingertips caressed tiny circles on the small of her back gently* Willow: She could not help as she studied his eyes feeling as if he slowly began to tear down all the walls between them and he did it so easily and his eyes revealed nothing I could only go by his actions,his words and the way he kissed me, my senses were so strong I had never thought bout what it would be like I mean smell is better everything so much more intense and the doors he unlocked within me, I smiled as he spoke laughing softly “ I look into those beautiful dark eyes and I wonder sometimes if I am way over my head and just how much trouble I am getting into and then you talk and kiss me and I am willing to take the risks to be with you, I mean its raining and somehow with all that’s happened fate stepped in, I mean what brought you here of all places its like I keep thinking you could have been anywhere an seems were always to meet but never really introduce ourselves, and on my darkest night in this new life I am in your arms” she talked to much she was trying to understand what was happening she was nervous bout the next words cause she knew it was to change the rest of her undead life. Taken a deep breath it was her home now and hs smile was met with a beautiful smile as she looked to her home and he felt her almost purr as he caressed tiny circles on the small of her back “ I would like that I don’t wish to be alone those things I can’t help feel they knew I was coming I think maybe they did not expect you here.” She turned slowly kissing him one more time as she began to lead him to her home, she glanced around cause there were others about and a mortal child should have been with he friends at this hour was it a dance. “ You have to promise me to protect me you must protect the mortal child it was his granddaughter Juliet she just lost her father” she lead him upstairs and unlocking her door she pushed it open and waited for him to come along. She hugged him as she closed an locked the door,her lips pressing to his he had stirred so much emotion desire within her. Stavros: he returned that kiss as well, for with him, so many emotions he had not felt in thousands of years were suddenly coming back to life. He had always been living a cold and distant reality, but now it was different. And after the kiss, after the place was secured he spoke to her*The mortal will always be safe as well. If anything happens to her, I will meet my true death first.*he smiled softly at her as he gave her that assurance, he took her hands and pulled her form tightly to his and kissed her again* *he looked about then with those dark mysterious eyes as he looked about the place*so where is everything, and where shall I be staying?*he looked at her curiously, his brows raised some* Willow: The wind howled outside and rain beat against the tinted glass as she drew closer and smiled as she watched him take the place in an secure it. “ Thank you, I mean usually it is only he an I so she is safe noones ever met her I need to clean up the remains I forgot I told her he was at a meeting so he will be cremated” the new emotions burned within and the fire she felt burn as he held her so close t him and kissed her. There are wings this is mine in time you can have your own space but I think you know your welcome to stay with me if it is your wish I am not used to being so forward and I want you to have your freedom this is your home as much as it is ours” those eyes were gonna be her doom something whispered but she could not help but fall “ I wonder what shall happen at the meeting will they all ask me to take his place and you and I would you like a place on the council or just at my side and how shall we behave do we hide our feelings or let them think what they want?”
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